QuickShape IR
Powerful Mid-IR Pulse Shaper
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QuickShape IR is a mid-IR pulse shaper that has been designed and engineered for ease of use. It is installed in your laboratory and fully supported by PhaseTech.
The QuickShape IR can switch pulse shapes on a shot-by-shot basis.
Whether scanning delays, frequencies, or other pulse shapes, our shot-by-shot, rapid-scan approach improves signal-to-noise over traditional scanning methods.
Rapid-scanning allows for averaging on-the-fly. This prevents averaging more than necessary and means more experiments can be done in a day.
Phase Cycling
Time-Domain & Frequency-Domain Scanning
Rotating Frame
Gaussian, Lorentzian, Etalon, Reverse Elaton Shapes
Chopping at High Rep Rates
Single-Pulse, Double-Pulse Delay Scanning
GVD and TOD Correction
User-Designed, Custom Pulse Shapes
The QuickShape IR is the ultimate multi-tool for femtosecond mid-IR experiments.
With many built-in functions as well as the ability to use custom-made pulse sequences, the QuickShape can be used for a large number of different experiments.
Time-Domain 2D IR
Time-Domain SFG
Frequency-Domain 2D IR
Heterodyned 2D SFG
Transient 2D IR
Mid-IR transient absorption
Coherent Control
Rapid-scan optical delay line
Click to view example experimental layouts for the many applications of our mid-IR pulse shapers.
change experiments with the click of a button
Pulse sequences for many experiments built-in. Customers can design new experiments with the ability to upload custom pulse shapes.
Includes LabViewTM control VIs for incorporating the pulse shaper into existing or new code.
Plug-in system available for controlling existing detectors and delay stages and running experiments.
The QuickShape IR operates over a wide range of wavelengths covering the most widely studied vibrations of proteins, DNA & RNA, metal carbonyls and water.
Custom QuickShapes can be made for almost any wavelength, just let us know what you need.
Our 4th-generation design is the most compact, user-friendly, and accurate mid-IR pulse shaper yet. What used to take hours now takes just a few minutes.

Reflective optics for wavelength flexiblity.
Simplified layout for easy alignment.
Motorized gratings for easy wavelength tuning.
The QuickShape IR is based on technology from the following publications and others

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