2DQuick IR
Fast & Powerful 2D IR Spectrometer
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The 2DQuick IR combines the control of a mid-IR pulse shaper with the speed of an array detector for our most powerful 2D IR spectrometer yet.

2DQuick IR is now available with a next-generation 128x128 pixel MCT detector.

• High-resolution spectra
• High-resolution Referencing
• Easy alignment
• Programmable gain
• Very low dark noise
• Cost effective
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Spectra in < 1 second!
Publication-quality spectra in minutes.
With rapid-scan pulse shaping, the 2DQuick can scan time delays on a shot-by-shot basis. This means that a full 2D IR spectrum can be measured in less than a second. Multiple spectra can then be averaged as needed for the desired signal-to-noise.
  • Improves signal-to-noise
  • Observe real-time changes in proteins or other samples
  • Average only as long as you need to

The 2DQuick has many powerful features. Phase cycling, rotating frame and the ability to chose between time- and frequency-domain collection can all improve signal-to-noise over conventional spectrometers.
Our state-of-the-art design is based on the 2D IR spectrometers responsible for over 30 recent publications from the Zanni research group.
Our powerful, yet user-friendly QuickControl software allows you to change experiments with the click of a button.
Advanced 3D modeling means that the 2DQuick is compact and easy-to-align.
Molecular Structure & Dynamics
Protein Structure &
Real-time Kinetics
Materials Science
Molecular Interactions
Coherent Control
REFERENCING IMPROVES SIGNAL-TO-NOISE The 2DQuick is designed to allow referencing with dual-array detectors.

Referencing reduces laser noise and improves signal-to-noise by a factor of 3 or more.
The 2DQuick is based on technology from the following publications and others

“Residue-specific structural kinetics of proteins through the union of isotope labeling, mid-IR pulse shaping, and coherent 2D IR spectroscopy,” Chris T. Middleton, Ann Marie Woys, Sudipta S. Mukherjee, Martin T. Zanni
Methods, 52, 12 (2010)

“How to turn your pump-probe experiment into a multidimensional spectrometer: 2D IR and Vis spectroscopies via pulse shaping,” Sang-Hee Shim, Martin T. Zanni
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 748, 11 (2009)

“2D IR spectroscopy and isotope labeling defines the pathway of amyloid formation with residue specific resolution,” Sang-Hee Shim, Ruchi Gupta, Yun L. Ling, David B. Strasfeld, Daniel P. Raleigh, Martin T. Zanni
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106, 6614 (2009)

“Automated 2D IR spectroscopy using a mid-IR pulse shaper and application of this technology to the human islet amyloid polypeptide,” Sang-Hee Shim, David B. Strasfeld, Yun L. Ling, and Martin T. Zanni
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104, 14197 (2007)

Also check out papers that our customers have published using our pulse shaping technology: Customer Papers


Our Transient add-on module has everything needed to add a UV or visible excitation pulses to the 2DQuick spectrometers, enabling UV/visible-pump, mid-IR-probe transient absorption experiments as well as transient 2D IR experiments.

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You can also add a 2DQuick to your existing UV/visible delay line and still use our QuickControl software via a plugin system.

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