Shaper and Spectrometer Control Software
QuickControl is a comprehensive software package which is used to control PhaseTech shapers and spectrometers. It also features a plugin system for integrating PhaseTech instruments with your existing equipment.

QuickControl is available in Basic and Advanced versions.
Time-domain pulse shaping
Frequency-domain pulse shaping
User-designed custom pulse shapes
High-rep-rate chopping, phase cycling
Combined chopping and phase cycling to reduce scatter in pump-probe spectra
Dispersion control (GVD & TOD)
Create frequency combs
Shaper wavelength tuning
Built-in calculator for shaper parameters and Fourier transform
All Basic version features
Interfaces with detector for displaying intensity & pump-probe spectra
Control of two delay stages (mid-IR & UV/visible)
Monochromator Control
Advanced spectral calibration options for data graphs
Shutter control
MIR-pump, MIR-probe transient absorption kinetics
UV/visible-pump, MIR-probe transient absorption kinetics
Time-Domain 2D IR spectra
Frequency-Domain 2D IR spectra
Transient 2D IR spectra
Monochromator scan to acquire high-resolution spectra
Dispersion scan to find the best GVD and TOD correction parameters
Custom Experiment acquisition which auto-adapts to user-designed experiments
Data saved in a user-friendly ACSII format for compatibility with any analysis software
Download a demo version of the QuickControl software:
After downloading the above file, unzip the contents and run the &lqt;PT_QC.exe&rqt; file. If 64-bit LabView is not already installed on your system, you may also need to install the LabView 64-bit Run-Time Engine.