2DQuick Visible
High-Rep 2D Visible Spectrometer
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2DQuick Visible is designed to collect high-quality 2D visible spectra quickly and easily. Our spectrometer aquires By combining shot-to-shot pulse shaping and detection at repetition rates up to 100 kHz.

Spectra in < 1 second!
Publication-quality spectra in minutes.
With rapid-scan pulse shaping, the 2DQuick can scan time delays on a shot-by-shot basis. This means that a full 2D spectrum can be measured in less than a second. Multiple spectra can then be averaged as needed for the desired signal-to-noise.
  • Improves signal-to-noise
  • Average only as long as you need to
2DQuick is the only commercial pump-probe or 2D spectrometer that can do shot-to-shop chopping or phase-cycling at 100 kHz repetition rates.

Higher repeition rates mean faster experiments and higher signal-to-noise.

Take full advantage of new, high-rep rate ultrafast lasers.


The 2DQuick has many powerful features. Phase cycling, rotating frame and the ability to chose between time- and frequency-domain collection can all improve signal-to-noise over conventional spectrometers.
Our powerful, yet user-friendly QuickControl software allows you to change experiments with the click of a button.
Advanced 3D modeling means that the 2DQuick is compact and easy-to-align.

Our Transient add-on module has everything needed to add a UV or visible excitation pulses to the 2DQuick spectrometers, enabling long delay transient absorption experiments as well as transient 2D experiments.

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You can also add a 2DQuick to your existing UV/visible delay line and still use our QuickControl software via a plugin system.

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