2DQuick Transient
Does-It-All Spectrometer
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The 2DQuick Transient is an add-on module to our 2DQuick spectrometers which enables the ability to conduct UV/visible pump-probe measurements as well as Transient 2D measurements..
The 2DQuick Transient adds an additional three additional experiments to the capabilities of the 2DQuick.
Switching between all five experiments is done simply through software.
Experiments provide different and complimentary information, working together to form a detailed picture of dynamic systems.
Excited-State Dynamics Photochemistry
Proton & Electron Transfer Energy Transfer
Solvation Dynamics Photobiology
Molecular Structure & Dynamics Protein Structure & Dynamics
Real-time Kinetics Materials Science
Molecular Interactions Coherent Control

Switch between single-pass & double-pass,
between multiple inputs & outputs.

Custom mounts make switching configurations quick and easy.

Fit into crowded or complex table layouts.

Future proof - reconfigure when your table layout changes.

Our powerful, yet user-friendly QuickControl software allows you to change experiments with the click of a button. Advanced 3D modeling means that the 2DQuick Transient is compact and easy-to-align.