2DQuick IR
2D IR Spectrometer
Our easy-to-use 2D IR spectrometer with rapid-scan data collection for high signal-to-noise.
QuickShape IR
Mid-IR Pulse Shaper
A highly engineered and user-friendly mid-IR pulse shaper with advanced software.
2DQuick Visible
2D Visible Spectrometer
2D visible spectrometer capable of rep rates up to 100 kHz.
QuickShape Visible
Visible/Near-IR Pulse Shaper
Flexible, high-rep-rate pulse shaper for the visible and near-IR.
2DQuick Transient
Pump-Probe/Transient 2D
Adds an optical delay line for transient experiments with UV/visible excitation pulses.
Next-Gen Mid-IR Detector
16,384 high-quality MCT pixels with advanced electronics for transient IR, 2D IR and IR imaging.

Other Products


Our advanced but user-friendly software package for pulse shaping and data acquisition.


Our cheapest and most compact 2D spectrometer using mid-IR pulse shaping technology.

Custom Solutions

Contact us for information on custom designed solutions for nonlinear spectroscopy and other femtosecond techniques.