PhaseTech Spectroscopy sells advanced technology for ultrafast spectroscopy and femtosecond lasers
2D IR spectrometers
2D visible spectrometers
transient absorption spectrometers
pulse shapers for any wavelength
next-gen mid-IR array detectors
You can order directly from us. Contact us to discuss your application or request a quote.
Learn more about our products and experiments that can be performed with femtosecond pulse shaping:
Click here to see example experiments,
read more about pulse shaping and 2D spectroscopy here
or see more at our resources page.
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Visit PhaseTech's booth at the International Conference on Photochemistry 2019
this July in Boulder, Colorado!!
PhaseTech is happy to sponsor the "Hydration from the gas phase to the condensed phase" workshop at
ACS Fall Meeting 2019
PhaseTech is proud to support FEMTO 14
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